Support / Maintenance Services

FonoSys provides any kind of support,solution and maintenance services in terms of infrastructure,network and databases.


Support / Maintenance Services

FonoSys supplies its users with advanced information technology support. FonoSys users can focus on their own operations leaving management of unexpected problems to FonoSys operatives which are specialists in their own fields.

So as to maintain operation continuity and ensure immediate response to unexpected problems FonoSys provides its users with various support models regardless of the users product types,model and brand.

Maintenance subscriptors can enroll any type of maintenance scopes listed below.

1. Remote Support Service
Support is provided by remote access over internet.This type of support charged daily.

2. Support On-Site
Support is provided on-site at customers locations within the scope of contract.This type of support either charged daily or turn-key based.

3. Periodical Support
In this support type, routine checks are scheduled for possible errors/problems.Additionally System/Software maintenance and backup services are handled within the scope of contract.This type of support charged according to the contracts.

4. Support Expert Service
Support experts are assigned to companies in order to interfere any possible problem on real-time. If problem can be solved by support expert,intervention is made immediately, if not its reported to FonoSys developers and solution delivered as soon as possible.