Consultancy Services

FonoSys provides the best methodology and technology to its customers by analysing their requirements in a wide scope.


Consultancy Services

"If your plan is to; create reliable,productive,sustainable and scalable systems with low cost and enhance your company values, you are at the right spot"

FonoSys provides technical consultancy in creation of integrated systems in terms of software selection and comparison,process analysis and documentation in order to meet the requirements of present and future.

Currently many company spend lots of money/time on softwares/hardwares that do not fulfil company needs due to misleading consultancy services. This most likely results in going back to where they started in the first place.

Our first goal is to provide alternatives for companies that plan to go for budgetary cuts. By combining the power of open source programming with the knowledge of our developers FonoSys provides customisation services for existing projects.