Fono - Task Manager

You need your team to work together. TaskManager makes it easy to manage your projects, tasks, processes, and workflows. Manage time visually so you meet all your deadlines. It's flexible and customizable, so you can work the way you want.


Fono - Task Manager

Task Manager, allows you to effectively manage and track your projects. By gatheting customer and vendor sites together and bringing out labor potential, Task Managerprovides its users with the opportunity to work with harmony.

You can download the user guide from here right now.

User Guide Download v.2017_08_07

Shorten project completion duration

Manage and track your projects more effectively

Manage how your team handle and prioritize tasks. Eliminate reworks, communication based problems and simplify processes in order for every member to visualize project progress.

Gather your team together

Create your own team to complete projects

You can work in different projects with different teams and manage tasks independently. Do you need to share information with your consultants or customers in order to get feedback ? Not a problem at all, Task Manager provides its users with the ability to communicate with people outside of company.

Realtime Reporting

Realtime reporting based on team and project performance

By using Task Manager reporting tools users can gather critical information to foresee how to manage your projects and company. Visualize your teams efforts swiftly. Do you need to see all your projects status at once ? Not a problem. Do you need to report your teams last month success ? Easy.

Web Editor

Meet our unique document editor

By using Task Manager collaborate with your team in updates and see changes realtime. Edit your documents online without the need of extra installations on your computer. All updates are shared with your team automatically.

Look & Feel
  • Theme individualization
  • Intelligent Views
  • Dashboard with filter options
  • Copy & Paste Images
Security & Permissions
  • Role & Permission Management
  • Owner & Responsible Assignment
  • Data Transmission via SSL
  • Encryption and signing of notifications
  • Decryption of encrypted emails
  • 2-Factor Authentication
Organization Management
  • Easily create and manage customers
  • Project assignment to organization
  • Role based management
  • Creating organization team via invitation
  • Logging history of the actions
  • Managing members' roles
  • Notifications
Project Management
  • Creation external & internal project
  • Project tracking
  • Owner & responsibles assignment
  • Deep task definition
  • Creating project team via invitation
  • Logging history of the actions
  • Managing members' roles
  • Notifications
Task Management
  • Assignment to members
  • Seperate task tracking
  • Responsibles assignment
  • Deep task definition
  • Ticketable tasks
  • Logging history of the actions
  • Notifications
Ticket Management
  • Ticket creation via Customer Portal
  • Ticket creation via Email
  • Ticket listing different types
  • Ticket relations
  • Ticket Prioritization & Assignment
  • Ticket Transmission & Follow-up
  • Ticket splitting and merging
  • Ticket links
  • Notes
  • Attachments
  • Logging history of the actions
  • Notifications
Activity Management
  • Pending activities
  • Manuel activity entry
  • Task based activity entry
  • Ticket based activity entry
  • Auto calculation activity time/duration
  • Project based report (gantt)
  • Member based report (gantt)
Road Map
  • Not allowed event definition
  • Design Enhancments
  • Planning
  • Tasks States
  • Personal Tasks
  • DashBoard
  • conversation / Chat
  • Costing / Budget

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