Fono - PDF

Do you want to convert the HTML or XML files into the PDF files within XSL transformation?


Fono - PDF

Fono PDF, convert the XML files from 3rd party software -over WSDL- to HTML/PDF files according to standarts of HTML5. if desired, these files can be printed.

Feel Free To Convert

You can convert easily your files into formats supported.

  • Your XML files are converted within XSL according to standarts of HTML5 and the results are taken as HTML , PDF , Image or printing from printer
  • Your HTML files are converted and the results are taken as PDF , Image or printing from printer
  • Your PDF files are converted and the results are taken as Image or printing from printer

You can send your Invoice, Waybill, and other documents to your customers, as PDF.

All digital invoices which are created by e-Invoice, can be converted to PDF and then can be sent to your customers, automatically.

Single Point Access

With service-based, you can convert your files from a single point access.

You can convert your documents easily over LAN or WAN.

You can connect your internal or external applications by via web services and you can convert your documents as single or multiple (*.zip).

Easy setup and management

Since Fono is easily customizable and has an user friendly environment, users can start to use Fono right away. User settings can be accessed anywhere to maximise customization.Thanks to Fono , your services work flawlessly and up-to-date all the time.

Support Scope
Compatible With Every Browser

You can choose the browser what you want.

The time users have spent for compatibility issues with different browsers is now history with Fono-Core. Fono-Core is designed to work %100 compatible with every browser.

Multi-Language Support

You can work with the language and regional settings as you wish.

Fono.Core provides its users with multiple language support.With this feature all screens,data and messages can be displayed in multiple languages.