Fono - ERP

If you are planning to "Expand" and "Advance" you should take a look at our web based commercial automation developed for you.


Fono - ERP

Grab success without losing time

Fono - ERP, is a web-based commercial automation which is developed for companies that desire to "Expand" and "Advance". With its new way of understanding commercial systems and advanced technology Fono - ERP, increases its users values and productivity.

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Work according to your time

Easily work together

Work everywhere you go, anytime you need, any device you desire. Complete tasks, check reports, sync with your team. Where there is a work to do, Fono is there to help you.

Work from anywhere you want

Fono can work flawlessly with every browser. In order to view and edit documents in supported devices use Fono -Mobile(*Available for Advanced Version)

Tailor Made for You

Improving, instead changing your business processes

Fono be easily adapted to your company's business processes.

User Friendly

Fono provides the highest level of ease of use offered by today's mobile applications

Easy setup and management

Since Fono is easily customizable and has an user friendly environment, users can start to use Fono right away. User settings can be accessed anywhere to maximise customization.Thanks to Fono , your services work flawlessly and up-to-date all the time.

Focused Only On Work

The lower the maintenance,the more efficient work time left for users

Spend your time not on installation,update and optimizing compatibility issues, but on working efficiently.Since Fono handles all this issues for you behind the scenes, you can directly jump into working

Up-To-Date version all the time

Users work with the latest version of Fono ,since it is always kept up-to-date.



  • Minor Updates
  • Up to 10 Users
  • 1 day training (for 2 person)
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  • Minor Updates
  • Up to 20 Users
  • 2 days training (for 5 persons)
  • Support (1 Year)
  • Saving %20 for new version
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  • Minor Updates
  • Up to 50 Users
  • 3 days training (for 10 persons)
  • Support (1 Year)
  • %40 Discount on Version Migration/li>
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Try Our Demo Application

By using Fono - ERP, companies can easilty implement and analyze their commercial operations and take right actions in time.

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Some Of Components
 Company,Branch Definitions & Transactions,  Party
  • Multiple company and branch based transactions and party operations.
  • Customer/Vendor definition,blockage,offset history.
 Vault,  Bank,  Cheque
  • Vault definitions, Vault reports , Deposit/Withdrawal, Vault?Bank transfers, Vault?Vault transfers, Buying and selling foreign exchange.
  • Bank definitions, Bank reports, Deposit/Withdrawal, Bank?Vault transfers, Bank?Bank transfers, Buying and selling foreign exchange.
  • Cheque (Customer/Vendor/Self) intake, Cheque reports, Cheque history, Send bank for collection, Customer cheque payment.
 Invoice , Cost Voucher / Note of Expenses,  Waybill
  • Waybill or Normal Purchase/Sales/Returning invoice intake,Automatic accounting integration, Waybill link-up,Goods Movement/Issue from invoice.
  • Goods/Service purchases from non-billing vendors, Automatic accounting integration, Waybill link-up, Goods Movement/Issue from voucher.
  • Purchase/Sales/Returning waybill intake, Automatic accounting integration, Invoice link-up, Goods Movement/Issue from waybill.
 Payment,  Offset
  • Collection from customer to Vault/Bank, Payment from Vault/Bank to vendor,Automatic balancing of payments with invoices ,Automatic accounting integration,Balancing history.
  • Manuel balancing,Exchange payment and invoice balancing,Automatic exchange difference calculation ,Automatic accounting integration ,Balancing history.
 Material,  Warehouse Definition,  Goods Movement
  • Material definitions, Material reports, Goods receipt/issue reports.
  • Branch based or central warehouse definitions,tracking.
  • Automatic goods Movement/Issue from invoice or waybill, Goods movement reports.
  • Warehouse State, Sales Profit Analyze, Material Profit Analyze.
  • Financial State (Bank, Credit Card, Cash).
  • Cheque State , Accounting Values