Fono-Core is a .Net based EE-Framework which can be used for product development in order to lessen time and provide financial advantage.



Fono-Core, is the EE-Framework has been developed .Net based and available free of charge.

Fono-Corecan be used for product development in order to provide advantage in terms of cost and time

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What is The Core?

When developing an application, you write many features many times. User login, authorization, session management, database operations, etc.

Fono.Core, saves you from these repetitions. Already ready with many features and sub-structure gives you time and standardization.

Multi-language support, easy design, web (+ responsive), external systems, such as easy to integrate with soap protocols are just the beginning of dozens of features.

We are Many Places
"The product infrastructure you are using may be bearing Fono.Core signature."

Many software companies use Fono.Core as their infrastructure and develop their own products. Fono System provides domestic and foreign companies with integration in the product development stages, document conversion, performance improvement, web / mobilization of their products and much more.

We contribute to the performance, technology, cost and quality of your products that you use or develop with Fono.Core .
Multi-Language Support

You can work with the language and regional settings as you wish.

Fono.Core provides its users with multiple language support.With this feature all screens,data and messages can be displayed in multiple languages.

Advenced Schedule Job Management

You can write any code and schedule it as you wish.

You write the code one time and schedule it any time and any way you want by Fono.Core.

  • One Time, Minute, Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly execution
  • Monitoring the planed executions
  • Displaying execution history, execution date and execution duration
  • Execution result and event management
  • Integrated with impersonation (Run As)
Hi-Tech Framework

Fono.Core hosts a stable development environment which contains latest technologies that integrated with each other.

Fono.Core users are more focused on developing their own product rather than trying to correct development environment sourced problems.

Compatible With Every Browser

You can choose the browser what you want.

The time users have spent for compatibility issues with different browsers is now history with Fono-Core. Fono-Core is designed to work %100 compatible with every browser.

Built-In Session Management

Session management comes with Fono.Core as built-in.

By using components shown below, incoming requests can be executed independently from each other within same application domain

  • Sessions
  • Workers
  • Task Worker
Built-In Security Management

User management comes with Fono.Core as built-in.

You don't spend any effort on user related implementations with Fono.Core. By using User Management operations shown below can be accomplished.

  • User List
  • User Creation
  • User Authorization
  • User Status Change & Password Reset Operations

You can download the documents about the core.

User Guide

Developer Guides

Hello World Developer Guide ADO.SQL